Articulation in Tendu | Quick Ballet Tips

Hey guys! I just made this video after playing around in the studio while my daughter was taking class. I talk about this all the time when I teach!
There are many facets to tendu and I could go on and on but today we will just talk a bit about articulation.
The articulation through the demi pointe of your foot in tendu helps to keep the connection of the foot to the floor and build all of the tiny muscles in your foot needed for jumping,turning, pointe work etc..
In tendu your foot should always remain in contact with the floor and I believe that we should use the floor to help us build our energy and stregth. Almost as if the floor was malleable like dough or sand. You feel your foot pushing “through” the floor to achieve your longest line starting at the top of your leg all the way to the tips of your toes, no crunching and no disengaging. It keeps the energy flowing out and back in.

If you guys would be interested in me expounding on tendu let me know in the comments below!

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