The Best Way to Break In Your Pointe Shoes

The best way to break in your pointe shoes is with your feet.

Big revelation, huh? This may not seem earth shaking but the many tutorials you will find online contain methods of crushing your box in a door jam or cutting your shank in half. There is nothing inherently wrong with these techniques.There are many elaborate ways to break in your pointe shoes and it is a very personal ritual that each dancer forms as she learns herself and her shoes.

The problem occurs when using outside forces break your shoe in the wrong place or dramatically shorten the life of your shoe unnecessarily.

If you are a newer to pointe or even if you’d just like to extend the life of those very expensive shoes the best way remains taking class in your pointe shoes. This allows your body heat and sweat to soften the shoes to the shape of your feet and it helps your feet build strength in the process.

In my video today I will take you through several exercises that you can do to break your shoes in and build strength at the same time. I also talk about stepping on your box and bending your shank at the arch but the difference is I show you how to do this with your foot in your pointe shoe. This makes sure that you don’t bend the shoe too much.

You can also use this video as a quick pointe warm-up and to build strength in your feet. Enjoy!

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