November Inspiration

Inspiration is such an important piece for the path of a creative. When I was still a student I made one wall of my room a giant collage of ballet. I cut out pictures from magazines, playbills, and posters. I loved to look at that wall whenever I was looking for a little motivation. It is so energizing to see what amazing things different artists are achieving! Thanks to the internet inspiration is now more accessible than ever.

I’ve decided to round up my favorites every month and share the love.


Let’s start with one of my favorites from when I was an aspiring student. I probably watched this clip a bazillion times, and I could watch it a bazillion more. She is gorgeous. I had the privilege of watching Sofiane Sylve when San Francisco Ballet came through one year,and she is a powerhouse.


More turns! Uhm, yes. Look at the height of his passe!


This video was circulating on Facebook and I really enjoyed the side by side comparison of how ballet is evolving. Fascinating!



OK, if you are a student of mine, you have heard me talk about this over and over. Look at that leg rotated in the hip socket. YES!



Alright, that is it for now! Please share what has been inspiring you lately!

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