The Whole 30 – Week 2

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It turns out it is really hard for me to take a picture of everything I am eating. I think that has something to do with the two little ones, or maybe just being to concentrated on getting the food into my mouth. Anyways, I am still keeping track of everything and I will include any pictures I did grab. I will say this, I by no means feel deprived on this meal plan!



Breakfast– Eggs scrambled,sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon, blueberries,raspberries with toasted coconut chips

Lunch–  Leftover fajita grilled chicken with carrots and cucumbers

Dinner– Leftover tomato basil sauce with venison italian sausage over zucchini noodles.

Snack – Frozen banana with Nutzo butter and toasted coconut chips.20160125_102954

Today was fine, I feel like it is getting easier to wake up in the morning which is a big bonus. I made up my snack at lunch but wasn’t hungry so I stuck it in the freezer, the frozen banana was awesome when I ate after dinner.



Breakfast– Eggs scrambled, two pieces of homade venison sausage, some organic applesauce while feeding Baby

Lunch–  Guacamole with baby carrots, homemade venison jerky

Dinner– Venison stew with celery, tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes.

Snack –  Dried mango and a few pistachios


We went to Whole Foods today for story time, perfect excuse to get more sugar free bacon and walk around, I picked up a new oil to try : Red Palm Oil, it says that is has a butter flavor which is exciting! Lunch was super snacky, taught some classes and then came home to dinner already done in the crockpot, gotta love it. I kind of just made the stew up as I went, it started out as a roast and then I decided to add more broth to it since it is one of the last cold days for a bit. We watched a movie tonight after the kids went down and snacked on the mango and pistachios. I’ve been trying to avoid eating while watching TV because it can be mindless but both of these snacks take some work to eat so they didn’t feel like “food without brakes” at all.


DAY 10

Breakfast–  Eggs scrambled, sauteed bell peppers, a piece of turkey bacon.

Lunch–  Plain burger wrapped in romaine with tomatoes,pickles and caramelized onions from Freddy’s

Dinner–  Salmon roasted on cedar planks with asparagus and potatoes fried in red palm oil

Snack – Pecan Pie Larabar, a few pieces of homemade venison jerky


I love how creamy my coffee looks with just coconut oil.

Today we ate lunch right after my daughter’s ballet class at noon and then I hung out at the studio until I taught at 2:30, came home to clean the house and then went grocery shopping. It was 5:30 when we got to the store and I felt like I was going to pass out! Very glad we had the jerky and larabar in the car, I think I need to try to eat more often since I am nursing. I went out to book club tonight at a restaurant and just had water, super fun! Haha, I ended up leaving early because I was super tired. I have been having more steady energy through the day though, which is awesome. They say day 10 and 11 are the hardest, and I could see that as the newness has sort of worn off and we seem to be eating the same things so we splurged for salmon tonight and it was delicious.


DAY 11

Breakfast– Eggs scrambled and spinach in red palm oil, a piece of turkey bacon

Snack-  Thunderbird Cacao,Hemp,Walnut Bar, half of a Suja Noon Greens and little bit of smoothie (frozen banana, frozen blueberries, spinach, cashewmilk, cocoa powder, powdered greens, almond butter)

Lunch–  Mexican seasoned ground venison with pico de gallo and guacamole on spring mix

Dinner–  Variation on a theme: mexican seasoned ground venison with pico and guac wrapped in romaine

Snack – Plantain chips and carrots with guacamole

20160128_135451         20160128_164813

I feel like I am going to the store all the time. We ran out of coconut oil making dinner yesterday and I forgot to cilantro, so I headed back to the store today and again felt light headed. Ended up trying a new kind of bar I found while looking at the larabars, it was just ok. Also grabbed a Suja juice but only drank half because my daughter begged for a smoothie when we got home and I had some of it. We were supposed to grill tonight, but my husband got home super late so I just recycled lunch for myself. I was disappointed to say the least, it is hard to go from dreams of steak to the same thing you ate earlier. Luckily I love guacamole, so there is that.


DAY 12

Breakfast– 2 homemade venison sausage, Veggie Kingdom smoothie from JuiceLand ( it was more like half a smoothie thanks to my girls) , cashews

Lunch–  Guacamole with baby carrots

Dinner– Mexican egg muffins with ground venison, spinach, cilantro and green chile salsa, cucumbers

Snack – Butternut squash cooked with olive oil,salt and cinnamon.

Today was a foraging day. My husband was on shift and I just really wasn’t feeling like cooking at all. The egg muffins I made for dinner tasted awesome, but stuck in the pan. I am still trying to clean it off. I meant to have the butternut squash for dinner but it took to long to cook so I snacked on it after the girls went to bed.


DAY 13

Breakfast– 3 Leftover mexican egg muffins, leftover butternut squash

Lunch–  Potatoes cooked with olive oil and seasonings, snap peas,cucumber, carrots, bell peppers, green beans, olives with homemade cilantro ranch dressing, Coconut cream pie larabar

Dinner–  Fajita grilled steak, peppers, onions, with guacamole and salsa over romaine

Snack –  some cashews, and a few pieces of homemade venison jerky

Today we went to our shabbat group and I brought a raw veggie tray. I decided to try my hand at this ranch, it was pretty tasty, a little thinner than I had hoped but good flavor. There wasn’t anything else there that we could have except some potatoes so I ended up eating a larabar. Then we ended up staying for dinner because one of my husband’s cousins is moving and they were having an impromptu farewell dinner, luckily it was fajitas so that is pretty easy to navigate. It was a little harder today to resist the tortilla chips and alcohol they were having but we fared fine.

DAY 14

Breakfast– Eggs scrambled, spinach cooked in coconut oil and two homemade venison sausauge

Lunch–   Thunderbird Cacao,Hemp,Walnut Bar, Suja Noon Greens.

Dinner– Steak, asparagus, zucchini, and fried potatoes.

Snack –  Peach Izzie split between my husband and I poured over seltzer water.


I ate way more steak than what is pictured here. Yay, grilling!

I had rehearsals today for about 4 hours, I was supposed to have two mini breaks but they ended up getting eaten by rehearsing which is fine because I got out a little early. I was not intending to eat a bar again, because I feel like I have been relying on them too heavily but it was the quickest thing I could get in me at the time. Woo hoo, we finally grilled tonight! It was delicious, plus now we have a ton of food ready for the week ahead. After the girls went to bed, we tried an Izzie with seltzer to cut the sweet, and it was a fun treat.

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