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What is The Whole Pointe?

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When I first started in dance, though it was not that long ago, it was a completely different world. There was not nearly as much information out there,readily available, as there is today. I devoured everything I could find. Dance Magazine, dance books, interviews, I couldn’t get enough dance.

When I was teaching full time my students would ask me different questions everyday,but as anyone who has taught a ballet class knows, it is hard enough to get a full barre and center done in an hour and half let alone answer every questions, give corrections and start to delve into all the nuisances of movement.

There are many thing that I would love to go back and share with my young ballet self : exercises, health advice, tips and tricks, and most of all, encouragement! Sometimes in the dance world encouragement can be sparse. I, personally, thrive in an atmosphere of positivity and curiosity. I love answering questions, and when I don’t know the answer I love attempting to find out, or asking someone I think will have the answer. I think there were a lot of times in my dance career where I didn’t ask questions because I feared looking silly or uneducated, when the reality was, I was uneducated! The best way to fix that, though, is to ask questions! Which is why it always pained me to not be able to give a thorough answer to every question I would get in the course of a ballet class.

That is what I hope this will become. A place to ask questions, a place of encouragement, a place to talk about life as a dancer, and everything in between.

I will share my experiences, and what I have learned so far, and I would love to hear all about you.

Let’s learn from each other.


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