Whole 30 – Week 3

The Whole 30

Later this week ,according to the Whole 30 timeline, my tiger blood should arrive. I am ready. Bring it on.

I have been feeling more even energy, no big slumps throughout the day. I still love to sleep. I don’t know if that will ever change. I really want to be one of those people that get up early, before the kids and the craziness begins, but that may end up having to wait until I don’t have a baby and a toddler that are up multiple times a night.

I have noticed that I am no longer able to pull late nights like I used to, once about 10:15 hits I am out. Ideally, I should probably get in bed even earlier and that is another goal I will work on. I think that the lack of eating at night is a big part of this. I am not getting the stimulation or sugar that I normally would get from eating things to keep myself awake. This isn’t great for getting a ton of things accomplished, but I am sure it is good for my health.


DAY 15 

Breakfast– 2 homemade venison sausage, raw green beans.

Lunch–  A banana, Chicken Chili Lime Burger.

Dinner– Grilled chicken, broccoli, and fried sweet potatoes.

Snack – Peach Izzie poured over seltzer.

Whenever my husband is on shift, I lose motivation to make things. My food gets really boring, and those are the times I am so grateful we have made things that are easy to grab. I decided to try making our fried potatoes out of sweet potatoes and they were AMAZING. Oh my. So delicious.


DAY 16 

Breakfast– An egg scrambled with green peppers and a venison sausage, fried potatoes, half an avocado.

Lunch–  Peachy Green smoothie from Juice Land ( fresh apple juice, peaches, spinach and kale) , cashews. Chicken Chili Lime Burger.

Dinner– Grilled chicken, half an avocado, spinach salad with Tessamae’s Caesar dressing, and fried sweet potatoes.


I was super cranky this morning. Not sure why, something to do with lack of alone time I think. I am going to try to make an effort to drink more water and get in bed early. I stayed up till 11:20 last night and tossed and turned quite a bit. Perhaps, that is why I am cranky. Stopped to get a smoothie on our way to the park this morning, we tried a new one that was on special and it was good. I also bought my daughter her own so I could have a full smoothie. I taught tonight and when I got home I was starving, I think it is important for me to keep getting in snacks. Most of the time I don’t notice hunger until it is too late and I am famished. I really wanted to stop somewhere on the way home, but I made it to home and had an awesome dinner from leftovers, win! I attempted to read in bed tonight and passed out at like 9.


DAY 17 

Breakfast– Coco Kale smoothie ( Coconut water, apple, strawberries, banana, kale, ginger) scrambled eggs, scoop of guacamole, and an americano.

Lunch– Chicken Chili Lime burger over spinach with homemade cilantro ranch.

Dinner–  Applegate farms Grass-fed hot dogs, zucchini, spinach, hashbrowns fried in coconut oil.

Snack –  Blackberry Izzie split between my husband and I poured over Coconut seltzer water.



We realized this morning that we are all out of bacon,sausage,and eggs so we ran out to Whole Foods and grabbed some groceries and breakfast. I wish I was one of those people who could do dinner foods for breakfast but I just can’t yet. I am very set in my breakfast foods. I feel like the fact that I am avoiding croissants, muffins, toast and the like is enough of a change for now. We went on a family date to the aquarium and had a ton of fun, then afterwards we went to Costco. We got a membership finally! We were really excited to look for Whole 30 things but I had an idea it wasn’t the best idea since it was getting late. I was right. I got so incredibly grumpy, it was the most I have struggled this whole time. We got my daughter a slice of cheese pizza and carrying it to the car and cutting it up for her all while I was starving was really, really hard. I hadn’t eaten in 6 hours,we didn’t have anything planned for dinner so we had to kind of scrounge something up and I was just angry. Hah, it seems silly now, but it was real. Hunger does crazy things.

Lesson learned : Don’t go too long without eating, and have a plan.


DAY 18 

Breakfast– Eggs scrambled, piece of turkey bacon, sauerkraut.

Lunch–  Apple with coconut butter and Nutzo butter.

Dinner– Italian sausage in marinara over zucchini noodles.

Snack – Dried mango and pistacios,  chai tea with coconut cream.


Today was hard. I am feeling really grumpy and just generally run down.


DAY 19 

Breakfast– Eggs, 2 clementines, carrots.

Lunch– Half an avocado and a can of tuna with some carrots.

Dinner–   Salmon, asparagus, fried potatoes.

Snack – Coconut LaCroix seltzer.

I almost gave up today. At night, after the girls went to bed, I was craving chocolate something crazy. My husband pulled me back in, but I was ready to just have some chocolate and start over tomorrow. Haha, sounds crazy to me now, but it was very real in the moment. These cravings are kind of hitting me out of nowhere, but I am craving all the things. Stuff I don’t even normally eat.


DAY 20

Breakfast–  Eggs scrambled, piece of turkey bacon, sauerkraut.

Lunch–  An avocado mixed with a can of tuna.

Dinner–  Venison in marinara over zucchini noodles.

Snack – Roobois Chai with coconut cream.

I was not feeling well today, I can’t tell if it is allergies or if I am fighting off a cold. I stayed home and tried to rest with the baby while my husband and older one went to Shabbat. Definitely no tiger blood, yet.

DAY 21

Breakfast– Egg scrambled, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, carrots.

Lunch– Half and avocado and half a can of tuna.

Dinner–  Chipotle salad bowl with lettuce,meat,fajita veggies, and salsa.

Snack –  Fried sweet potatoes, coconut chips, pecans, and seltzer w/ coconut water and strawberries.



Today was just me and the girls and I had to bring them to the studio with me. It is so wonderful to have such a great dance family that will play with your babies while you dance. I wouldn’t be able to do these shows without all the help! I was exhausted after rehearsal so I caved and went to Chipotle for dinner, it wasn’t super filling though,since I wasn’t willing to splurge for the guacamole. After the girls went to bed I made myself a giant filling snack to refuel. It was absolutely delicious, I think fried sweet potatoes are the best thing ever.

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