Whole 30 – Week 4

The Whole 30 (4)

DAY 22 

Breakfast– 2 eggs scrambled, wilted spinach and fried sweet potatoes.

Lunch–  Morning Sunshine smoothie from JuiceLand (fresh pineapple orange juice, banana, mango, goji berry, local bee pollen).

Dinner– 2 Grass-fed hotdogs, some steak, grilled asparagus and squash.

I had a massage today which was absolutely wonderful. There was Juiceland directly across from the massage place. Yeah, I know smoothies aren’t exactly recommended on the Whole 30, especially one like this with no veggies. It was the special, though, and my wallet talks a lot louder than my Whole 30 conscience lately. We grilled again, but started way too late so I ended up snacking on whatever came off the grill first and then just had a little steak once it was ready but I was already full.


DAY 23 

Breakfast– An egg scrambled with green peppers.

Lunch–  Leftover hotdog and squash, some homemade pecan pie larabar and a cup of decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Dinner– Potato,sausage and Spinach soup.


Today we had an early doctors appointment and scrambled to get out the door on time. I have noticed that I have been staying full on less food, and that I don’t seem to be so slumpy in the afternoon, which is nice. My husband has been loving the Pecan Pie Larabar, so I decided to try my hand and making them since it is simple ingredients and cheaper. They turned out even better than the store bought. We also made some really delicious soup for dinner. I am tired of cleaning the kitchen, though.

DAY 24 

Breakfast– 1 egg scrambled, half an avocado, sauerkraut, sliced cucumbers.

Snack – Decaf coffee with coconut cream and coconut oil, 4 banana bites.

Lunch– Leftover potato, sausage, and spinach soup.

Dinner– Steak, fried sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Snack – Frozen banana with almond butter and coconut cream.


I was over breakfast today. somedays lately I feel like I am just eating to get the food in. I am definitely fighting some major allergies or something, my chest is congested and scratchy and I feel drained. I think it is even harder since I was expecting tiger blood and I am getting the opposite. I am also worried that when I get to reintroduction next week if I still feel like this, I won’t be able to get a true test of how the foods are affecting me. That is a week away though, so I KNOW I will feel better. Hear that, body? You will feel better.


DAY 25 

Breakfast– 2 eggs scrambled, 1 piece turkey bacon, sliced cucumbers, fried potatoes.

Lunch–  An apple sliced and baked with almond butter and coconut butter.

Dinner– A hot dog, a hamburger patty and carrots.

Snack – Dried mango.

It is getting hard to wake up again, there was a short time where waking up was getting easier but this morning it was hard. I have been staying up past 11 lately and I know that is most likely the reason, I am going to make an effort to be asleep by 10:30 for the next few days and see if that makes a difference. I taught tonight, which is why I ended up having such a weird dinner. Scrounging before bed.


DAY 26 

Breakfast– An egg scrambled with green peppers and a venison sausage, fried potatoes, half an avocado.

Lunch–  Cashews, carrots, cucumbers.

Dinner– Baked salmon and asparagus.

Snack – Small bite of homemade pecan pie larabar and organic grape juice diluted with seltzer water.


Tonight we decided to do a variation on our tradition of blessing the wine and challah as we go into the Shabbat. This is the time of the week that I definitely miss wine and it was nice to do the blessings again. We have just been skipping it, but I think my daughter was really missing it and it was a fun adjustment that I am totally fine with.


DAY 27 

Breakfast–  1/4 bowl of  “oatmeal“,  eggs scrambled, a piece turkey bacon, sauerkraut.

Lunch– Cashews, smoked salmon, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, olives, snap peas.

Dinner–  Leftover salmon, broccoli with olive oil and salt.

Snack –  Pineapple juice blended with coconut milk ,ice and coconut Lacroix.


This was just okay, I think I will stick with eggs instead.

This morning I decided to try this “oatmeal” recipe, at first it was delicious, but then when I poured milk over it I did not like it all. Then I read a comment on the recipe by someone saying that it was not Whole 30 so I just pitched it. It wasn’t even amazing, anyways. I went to Shabbat today and they had 6 different kinds of cookies! That was difficult to resist. My throat has been scratchy and I have a dry cough, someone recommended pineapple juice to help and I just happened to have some from Trader Joe’s. I decided to try to make a mocktail pina colada and it was pretty delicious!


DAY 28 

Breakfast– Eggs scrambled, turkey bacon, fried potatoes and carrots.

Snack- Buddha Brew Pineapple Super Greens Kombucha and dried apple slices.

Lunch–  Lettuce wrapped burger from Pterry’s .

Dinner– Romaine tacos filled with mexican spiced venison, pico and avocado.

Snack – Pineapple juice mixed half and half with coconut Lacroix, 2 cashew coconut bites.


We went to the farmer’s market today and filled up a big jar of kombucha to take home and drink throughout the week. Still feeling sluggish and kind of blah. I’m usually fine in the afternoon and feel like I am sick going to bed and first thing in the morning. Everyone says that something blew in, so I am guessing I am having some allergies, again. I felt like making stuff tonight so I tried my hand at some homemade barbeque sauce and coconut cream pie like energy bites with cashews, shredded coconut, dates, and vanilla bean. They were delicious but super sweet.

DAY 29 

Breakfast– Eggs scrambled, turkey bacon, fried potatoes.

Snack- Shared a smoothie from Juiceland with my daughter (raspberries, banana, maca, cocoa powder).

Lunch– Cashews, carrots, shredded coconut, plantain chips, whole pan of roasted brussel sprouts.

Dinner–  Hamburger, asparagus and half and avocado.

Snack –  Blackberry Izzie split between my husband and I poured over  seltzer water.


These never even made it off the pan, so good.

Ok, I think I am ready to admit that I have come down with something. I am not feeling well, my throat is scratchy and I am coughing, feeling generally run-down. I am going to try to start attacking it with more apple cider vinegar, garlic, and gypsy cold care tea. I started the day ok and then this afternoon I started to get awful ,sharp stomach pains. I am not sure what it was from, maybe the smoothie? I just layed on different surfaces throughout the afternoon trying to entertain my children and grazing on things. I felt better by the evening but I am still curious what was going on. Went and took ballet class in the evening and it felt good to move.

DAY 30 

Breakfast– 2 eggs scrambled with bell peppers and spinach.

Snack – 3 cashew coconut bites.

Lunch– Tuna Salad ( coleslaw mix with homemade mayo, homemade barbeque sauce, can of tuna and a pickle).

Dinner– Chicken Chili Lime Burger with salsa over salad mix of baby kale, baby spinach, baby swiss chard.


Still feeling under the weather and tired, I also feel like my patience is really thin lately. I’ve been drinking a bunch of gypsy cold care tea and taking garlic to try to kick whatever this is. I really wish I was feeling more celebratory and tiger blood like!



Done! Yay, we successfully made it through our 30 days. I’m not 100% set on how I want to approach the reintroduction phase, but I will keep you posted.


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